Thursday, November 23, 2006

What Makes Us Hopping Mad

I was furious. But I think you would have been too.

It was early June, two years ago, and we had just gotten back from a family vacation. Every summer we make a trip to Birchwood, Wisconsin with Lisa’s parents, Margaret and Conrad. We share a cabin at the Fred Thomas Resort. We boat, fish, read, play with our kids, grill, and rescue Conrad from whatever trouble he happens to get himself into (but that’s a story for a different day).

In general, we just relax for a week and recharge for the next set of life’s little challenges.

Well, that year, when we got back, life was ready. The hot water heater was broken. So, I fixed it. It was a pain, but I’d fixed it before so at least I knew what I needed and what to do when I got back from the hardware store.

Next, a couple of days later, I thought I heard water dripping. The confusing thing was that the water was dripping from a first floor ceiling in the center of our house. That meant that the water could only be coming from a room upstairs—the bathroom.

It was (oh horror of horrors) the toilet.

We had a leaky toilet, and we had it bad. I had to tear out huge chunks of soaking, moldy, plaster and lathe from that ceiling. It was gross. Lord knows how long it had been leaking before it got bad enough to drip through and be noticed.
Now you might think this is the part of the story that made me furious.

Not so.

Yes, it bummed me. Unlike the hot water repair, I’d never replaced a toilet before, and you just never know what you’re going to find when you start a job in one of these old Wisconsin farmhouses. As for the damage to the ceiling—that room had been slated for remodeling anyway (eventually). The only one to ever see the damaged ceiling is Risk, our dog. So even tearing up the ceiling didn’t bother me much. It was a messy job, but I’ve had worse (that’s another story too).
And to tell you the truth, we had actually been wanting a new toilet anyway—one of those 1.6 gallon power flushers to save on water and our septic system.

So why was I furious?

The toilet that we bought wouldn’t work. We drove to the Forest Lake Menards and back (about 50 miles round trip), spent a healthy amount of cash for a quality toilet, and it didn’t work. The tank wouldn’t automatically refill after you flushed it. You had to jiggle things.

Who wants to spend good money on a toilet and have to jiggle . . .toilet parts?

So I returned it the next day—no problem. But the replacement worked even worse! This one wouldn’t stop running.
Now I started to get angry. I couldn’t believe it. So I called the plumbing department at Menards. Maybe I didn’t use my most friendly phone voice, but the guy on the other end actually said, “I’ve never had any problems with this toilet before.” Emphasis on the “I’ve.”

The product I paid for was defective, and now I was getting crappy customer service.

Remember the Looney-Tunes cartoons with the whistle and steam out the ears? It was like that.
The bottom line is we eventually were reimbursed for our time and trouble—and we finally got a toilet that works.

So—why did I tell you that story?

Like you, we think that when you pay good money for something—it had darn well better work.

Shaklee just plain works. We wouldn’t do this if it didn’t.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Are Your Kids Getting Every Advantage?

7 Discoveries Brain Researchers Say Can "Significantly" Increase A Child's Ability to Learn

Last month, I remember saying something like, “Summer ain’t over yet!”

Well . . .now it is. As a teacher, I have a certain sense about these things--an almost migratory instinct to return to school, drink strong coffee, and prepare for classes.

Which got me to thinking about a 3 credit graduate course I took last summer designed to “. . .introduce educators to links between brain research and success in the classroom.” It was a great class, and I learned a lot. Nutrition, as it turns out, is a powerful predictor of learning.

Consider the following, from Teaching With the Brain in Mind, by Eric Jensen:
“In the past decade or two, compelling studies have shown the clear effect of better nutrition. In fact, the long-term impact of nutritional supplements (given to children from birth to age 7) is significant. Not only did children who received supplements score higher in quantitative thought and expression, reading, and vocabulary 10 years later, but also, when researchers followed up with these children between the ages of 11 and 26, they had improved socioeconomic status compared to the control group. Research strongly indicates that improved nutrition leads to improved cognition.”

Jensen goes on to say that nutrition is an area where we can easily make a positive difference. Like saving money for retirement, a good early investment will have a positive and lasting effect throughout a child’s life. Talk about paying dividends!
“The foods we serve,” Jensen says, “are not just feeding a child’s daily energy requirements, they are shaping the child’s brain.

Researchers suggest the following for parents who want to give their children every opportunity to learn:

1. Sufficient protein is absolutely essential in the early years because, aside from water, the growing body is made of more protein than any other substance.

2. Minerals and trace elements, including iron, zinc, and selenium are essential to ensure proper mood regulation, reduce fatigue, and improve concentration.

3. Vitamins A, B, C and E are essential for brain maintenance, protective effects, vision, strength, and memory.

4. Essential fatty acids (EFA’s), especially omega 3 and 6 play an integral role in cell membrane function and the development of the brain and eyes.

5. To work fast, brain cells need a fatty coating called myelin. Deficiencies in protein, iron and selenium impair mylelination of axons, which reduces mental efficiency.

6. Although food sources (such as leafy green vegetables, salmon, nuts, and fresh fruits) are the best way to get the vitamins and minerals that support optimal brain function and development, supplements can help to make up for a diet that is lacking.

7. Hydration is important to the brain’s normal development and function. Water should be available throughout the day.

Fun and Easy Snacks and Recipes for Kids

Great for the Snack Bag, After School, and that "Hurry Up and Get Out the Door Breakfast"

Mr. Wondra’s Breakfast Shake

Not long after the start of each school year, my 1st period students start asking me, “Mr. Wondra, what is that you’re drinking every morning?”

I tell them it’s my breakfast. It’s like Rocket Fuel, it gives me a ton of energy for the morning. And basically that is the truth.

But what’s really in it, is about 20 ounces of rice milk, 4 tablespoons of Energizing Soy Protein and 2 tablespoons of Meal Shake. It’s a simple, quick, cheap, portable and nutritious breakfast. And I drink one every morning. Often that’s all I need.

But I’m not the only one in our family that’s hooked on that shake. Both of our girls (ages 3 and 8) get a variation (less than 20 oz) of the same drink every morning. And often they ask for more throughout the day. It’s that good.

So here is a little more information about those ingredients and some other recipes you can whip up that you (and your kids) will love.

Energizing Soy Protein: Protein is essential for growth and repair of cells. In addition, Energizing Soy Protein stabilizes blood sugar (a critical nutrient for the brain) for up to three hours--an excellent breakfast and/or refreshing after-school snack. Low in fat, high in complete protein, and 5 essential B vitamins.

Meal Shake (Vanilla or Bavarian Cocoa): Each serving provides at least 1/3 of the U.S. DV for essential vitamins, minerals and protein, plus trace minerals and three grams of dietary fiber. With only 230 calories when mixed with low-fat milk, it’s a delicious, convenient food that can become an important alternative to other ‘fast’ foods or snacks that are often loaded with sugar, fat and sodium.

Shaklee Multi-Munch (Protein and Energy Bar): Nutritionists today stress that each snack should be evaluated as part of the daily nutrition intake. As such, they argue the ideal snack should provide a wholesome source of needed nutrition along with plenty of good food flavor for appetite satisfactionMulti-Munch provides a serious nutritional contribution of 15 grams of protein, four grams of fiber and 21 essential vitamins and minerals—all this in 200 delicious calories. Compare that to your typical bag of chips, fruit roll-up, or candy bar.


Double Chocolate Shake
2 tbsp Cocoa Energizing Soy Protein
2 tbsp Bavarian Cocoa Meal Shake
1 cup milk (soy, rice, or 2%)
½ cup of ice
½ a frozen banana
Combine and pulse in blender until frothy
Protein Candy
1 cup Instant Protein (or Energizing Soy)
1 cup honey
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup granola
Form into balls and roll in nuts or Fiber Crunch

Peanut Butter Fudge
Warm in a saucepan:
16 oz crunchy peanut butter
8 oz honey
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup Instant Protein (or Vanilla Energizing Soy)
1 cup granola
several handfuls of Lachoy Chinese Noodles
Spread in square pan. Slice and refrigerate.

Aloha Pops
8 oz plain yogurt
8 oz crushed pineapple
3 heaping tbsp French Vanilla Meal Shake
Blend until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze until firm. Makes 6 pops

But I Don't Want to Take Supplements. I Eat Well Enough!

You might find the above headline odd in a Shaklee blog, but according to Charlene Day, a Registered Dietary Consultant and Christine Gaber, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, some people might not benefit much from nutritional supplements.

Day (who has also written and published titles such as The Immune System Handbook: Your Owners Manual, The Ideal Basic Diet, and more) and Gaber have teamed up to write Why Do I Feel This Way: Self-Help Solutions For Your Symptoms.

In it they congratulate those who are providing the necessities of life without supplements and outline 19 things you must do to avoid needing supplements.

“You don’t want to take supplements and that’s fine,” they say. “As long as:

  • You provide adequate high quality protein (containing all 9 essential amino acids) daily

  • You drink 6-8 cups of purified water every day

  • You eat a minimum of 10-12 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day

  • At least 50% of your entire diet is raw foods

  • You eat only certified organic foods all the time

  • You DO NOT eat any processed, refined, pre-packaged, instant, etc. foods

  • You stay away from all sugary foods and junk foods

  • You stay away from white flour products (breads, pastas, bagels, etc.)You stay away from ‘fast’ foods (burgers, fries, pizza, etc.)

  • You stay away from all foods and oils containing hydrogenated &/or trans fats

  • You do not consume caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, medications, etc.

  • You have at least 2 bowel movements every day
  • You exercise every day

  • You do not put any chemicals/toxins into your body (foods or drinks containing pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, flavorings, colorings, preservatives)

  • You do not put any chemicals/toxins onto your body (cosmetics, personal care products, chlorine from bath water, pools or hot tubs, laundry and cleaning product residues, ect.)

  • You do not breath in any chemicals/toxins (outdoor pollution, indoor pollution from toxic cleaning or personal care products, off-gassing of carpets, paints, construction materials, etc.)

  • You have a healthy family history

  • You do not suffer from any conditions, illness or health challenges

  • You live a relaxed, stress-free, positive, happy life.”

By The Numbers

Did you know that for less than the cost of a Pepsi, your child can have the two most effective children’s nutritional supplements available today?
  1. The world’s most comprehensive, tooth-friendly multivitamin and mineral supplement. Shaklee’s Vita Lea Ocean Wonders provides 23 essential nutrients, including 100% of the B vitamins, trace minerals, vitamin K and much more.

  2. Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein contains 14 grams of soy protein, all 9 essential amino acids, stabilizes blood sugar, and increases energy without a “sugar high.

When paired together, Ocean Wonders and Energizing Soy Protein provide your children with an inexpensive yet powerful foundation for a strong body and a sharp mind.

Did You Know?

  • All Shaklee products are 100% guaranteed—even if you use the product up.
  • Shaklee’s founding principles, guiding everything they do: “In Harmony With Nature” and “The Golden Rule”.

  • The active ingredients in Shaklee products are scientifically proven effective and safe.
  • Things Shaklee tests ingredients for: the presence of herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

  • Number of laboratory and quality assurance tests Shaklee performs on their products and ingredients each year: 83,000

  • Dollars Shaklee has invested in product research and development, clinical research and clinical trials: over $250 million.

  • People and teams that have benefited from Shaklee products: Jacques Cousteau, the first American Ascent of Mt. Everest without oxygen, Space Shuttle Astronauts, over 30 Olympic medal winners, and more.
  • Number of active Shaklee members: Over 750,000

  • Number of patents and patents-pending Shaklee owns: 45

  • Years Shaklee has been developing and manufacturing nutritional supplements: 50

  • Number of American supplement companies doing business longer than Shaklee: 0

When Dust is a Good Thing

As many of you know, I (Christopher) teach Middle School Language here in St. Croix Falls.

Summer is the time when all the rooms get a thorough cleaning.

A cleaning crew comes in and takes everything (and I mean everything) out of the rooms. It all gets wiped down, carpets and walls are washed—the whole bit.

The other day I remembered that I left my precious Air Source in the room. Since I brought it to school, I’ve gotten fewer colds, and I often get positive comments on the smell.

Anyway I ran into one of the women who cleaned my room. She commented that mine was by far the dustiest room to clean. She said that they wiped up at least twice to 3x as much dust as in other rooms. It was amazing. With all that dust, she questioned the effectiveness of my air purifier.

I tried to explain how the Air Source gets dust to fall out of the air.

I’m not sure I convinced her. I’m just glad somebody was wiping up the dust that I would have been breathing in all year--if it wasn’t for my Air Source.

Quick Tip of the Month

Next time a light bulb burns out in your home, replace it with a “swirl” or “compact florescent” bulb. They are as bright or brighter than regular bulbs, but 1 bulb is guaranteed to last 5 years. You can pick up a 3-pack at Wal Mart for $7.58.

Not only will you save money buying less bulbs over time (by an 8:1 ratio), a “swirl” replacement for a 60 watt bulb only uses 13 watts. So GE says you will also save $38 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.

A Tale of Pain and Suffering and (again) How Shaklee Provided Relief

Knee Pain

Although she’s not training for a marathon herself, Lisa has been running with Barb (see member of the month) since they met at Snap Fitness this winter. Barb has more experience (running, Lisa’s got her in years), but they enjoy each other’s company and having a training “buddy” helps to keep each accountable.

So when Lisa’s knee hurt during a scheduled 10 mile run, it slowed Barb down too. The pain intensified and Lisa had to stop running. Often it hurt just to stand on it and even walking at times was very painful. Of course Lisa tried everything in her Shaklee arsenal. She tried ice, heat, nothing seemed to help much. So, finally, begrudgingly, she saw a Dr. and scheduled an MRI. But not before she did one more thing.

She tried Shaklee’s Pain Relief Complex—and almost immediately she felt better. She started running again. Then on a warm Saturday morning, July 15, she ran a scheduled 12 miles with no pain. Up hills, down hills. No pain.

The MRI came back the next Monday showing some mild arthritis that inflames when she hits an incline or a decline, due to where the arthritis is and how the knee joint moves differently when her muscles adjust to hills. The Pain Relief Complex takes care of the inflammation—thus eliminating the pain.

So now she’s back on track—avoiding hills for now—but feeling no pain.

The Fact of the Matter Is . . .

You’re never quite sure until you actually try something, are you? There are a lot of companies, business philosophies, and a lot of different products out there on the market today. And it’s up to you to sort through it all and get the best value.

The bottom line for Lisa and me, the reason we share these products and all this information with you, the reason we stake our reputation in our community, and with our friends and colleagues is that deep in our core, we trust Shaklee’s products.

We trust they will work. We are sure you will be more than satisfied. If you’re not, you get your money back—all of it (yes, even if you use all of the product).

But the guarantee isn’t what keeps us going. It’s people like Rebecca Stenberg who used Shaklee to save stained clothes that would have gone in the trash. It’s families like Craig Broeren’s, who eliminated diaper rash using a Shaklee recipe for baby wipes. It’s people like George Anderson who lowered his cholesterol using the Energizing Soy Protein.

The Bottom Line . . .
This stuff really works—often in dramatic fashion. The bottom line is Shaklee makes products that make life easier—and we are just darned proud to share them.

By The Numbers

Been too busy in the yard to get in that workout? Don’t worry about it. You’re still burning plenty of calories:




Planting flowers, shrubs and trees

Sweeping outside (e.g., sidewalk)

Bagging grass and leaves

Wheelbarrow chores

Cleaning out the garage



Weight Lifting

Walking (3.5 miles per hour)


Hatha Yoga


Hiking (cross country)


Note: Calories burned are based on a 40-yr, 185-lb, 5’10” man and a 40-yr, 145-lb, 5’4” woman doing the described activity for one hour.

A Word On Hydration

Whether you’re training for your next event or simply trying to stay ahead of the weeds in your garden, staying hydrated during the summer months often takes a conscious effort.
Even low levels of dehydration can lead to premature fatigue, head ache, cramping and muscle soreness. Proper hydration, on the other hand, helps you to work longer with more energy, get more done, and recover faster with less fatigue and soreness in the hours and days following your activity.

With Performance, Shaklee developed a product that rehydrates faster than water. Here’s how (and why other sports drinks don’t quite measure up):

1) Popular sports drinks have 3 main problems: too much processed sugar, not enough essential minerals (electrolytes), and an unbalanced proportion of quality carbohydrates (not all carbs are created equal).

2) Processed sugar is always a problem, but with the high levels found in most sports drinks, it actually pulls water out of your bloodstream to help break down the sugar. This makes your body work harder to stay hydrated. You want the water in your body—not your stomach.

3) Leading research has shown that there are 6 essential minerals (electrolytes) necessary for optimum uptake of water to the cells. Since other sport drinks are severely lacking in these, more of the fluid sits in the stomach and intestines waiting to be absorbed (along with the additional fluids pulled in to help the stomach break down the extra sugar).

4) Shaklee’s Performance uses a special blend of 3 high quality carbohydrates to provide immediate, mid, and slow burn sources of energy for continuous energy supply to your muscles.

5) The latest research shows that there is a specific level of carbohydrate intake that is most beneficial. Less than 18 grams is not enough to do any good, and more than 28 grams can cause cramping and digestive problems. Performance has 25 grams.

6) Some companies include vitamins in their sports drinks. Vitamins are for recovery, not hydration. Vitamins induce digestion which, like too many carbohydrates, may cause cramping. In the very least processing vitamins requires energy--energy you could be using to perform.

We drink a lot of Performance around here, and not just when we’re working. The kids love it. Juice, Kool-Aid, Soda? No thanks. It comes on trips in the car to run errands, it goes in the cooler when we go swimming or on a picnic. We drink it, (the kids request it) with a refreshing afternoon snack, we often drink it with lunch and dinner. It really is an all purpose drink.

And you won’t believe how good it tastes when you’re thirsty.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Against The Odds

The following was sent to us by Greta Knoll, from Waco Texas.

News: Baylor wins!

Matt’s tennis team and the women’s team both are having a great week.  The women beat TCU in the last match on in the third set.  The men beat Cal and Stanford on the road.  

With 17 national titles in tennis over a 39 year period, Stanford has such a great tradition. No team in any sport has a winning record against Stanford, except one.  Not only does the Baylor tennis team have a winning record, they are undefeated against Stanford at 5-0.  This year Baylor wasn’t suppose to win, but they did, 6 to 1. 

Against the odds, against tradition, the Baylor team won.  The Baylor program is structured to give the players the tools to win over the odds.  When I ran my first 5K, I didn’t know if I could finish.  When I started swimming, it was mostly a dog paddle.  Now I’ve done four ironman triathlons and am facing a tough 50k in 1 ? weeks in the Cameron Park hills.  Just like Matt’s team, I face difficult odds.  One of the things I try to rely on is that I have given myself the tools to accomplish things that seem outside of what’s possible.   These tools include a training program, Shaklee Foundations and Shaklee Sports Nutrition.  I can’t imagine running day after day without recovering with Physique.  Sports nutritionists all agree that it’s important to use a recover drink as soon after working out as possible.  To power the elite athlete in you go to [ ]www.shakleenet/knoll/prodNutSportsDifference.

- Born out of desire: Shaklee Active Nutrition products were designed to help ambitious athletes achieve extraordinary goals. Going beyond what was thought possible, our formulas have powered record-breaking achievements for human-powered flight and Mt. Everest expedition.

- Tested in the lab: It takes superior science to develop the specialized fuel to keep your body energized and hydrated during workouts. Shaklee has put our products through the rigors of independent clinical tests so we can not only say that they work, we can prove it.

- Proven in the field: Champion athletes understand the important role nutrition plays in helping to achieve peak performance. Maybe that’s why some of the world’s most elite athletes rely on Shaklee products to provide the fuel that gives them their competitive edge. Athletes powered by Shaklee nutrition have brought home over 30 medals.

If you are looking to create a healthier life/home, check out my website at [ ] - it’s the best of science & nature, with more invested in testing than any other company.  I’ve been using the products since I was born (mom used Basic-L for our clothes) and I’ve been helping others with the products for the past few years.  Let me know if you have any question. – Greta





Natural Home & Garden Magazine's 10 most common Household Toxins

1. Sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach) – Lung and eye irritant...
2. Petroleum distillates (metal polish) – Short term exposure can cause temporary eye clouding.  Longer exposure can damage the nervous system, skin, kidneys, and eyes.
3. Ammonia (glass cleaner)- Lung and skin irritant?
4. phenol and cresol (disinfectants) – Corrosive. Can cause diarrhea, fainting, dizziness, and kidney and liver damage.
5. Nitrobenzene (furniture and floor polishes)
6. Formaldehyde (preservative in many household products, glue in particleboard and plywood furniture)
7. Perchloroethylene or 1-1-1 trichloroethane solvents (dry-cleaning fluid, spot removers, carpet cleaners)
8. Naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene (mothballs, toilet bowl cleaners)
9. Hydrochloric acid or sodium acid sulfate (toilet bowl cleaners)
10. pentachlorophenol (spray starch)

You can read the article at [ ]
It is from the US Environmental Protection Agency

The Green Home

The following was sent to us by Greta Knoll, from Waco Texas.

Matt and I have taken on building a home and it is in the final stages of design.  It is going to be beautiful.  We have an amazing team with Stanley G. Love as the architect, Brian Nicholson as the builder, Matt in research (the person who finds the most outrageous and cutting edge building ideas) and myself who gives them a constant supply of magazine photos.  Some of the things we’re looking at are geothermal energy and green design.  If you have any advice or experience with green design, let us know.  

Our current home already has some “green” products with Shaklee:

Air Source air purifier

Best Water water purifier

Basic D and Satin Sheen for dishes

Basic L, Nature Bright, Softer than Soft for clothes

All the cleaners - Basic G, H, I and At Ease.  

Their products are highly effective and safe for the environment and your family.  The average home contains an estimated 1,500 hazardous compounds.  How safe is your home?  Check out this link for more: [ ]

If you are looking to create a healthier life/home, check out my website at [ ] - it’s the best of science & nature, with more invested in testing than any other company.  I’ve been using the products since I was born (mom used Basic-L for our clothes) and I’ve been helping others with the products for the past few years.  Greta

Immune Building testimonials

There are a lot of testimonials on NutriFeron providing a broad spectrum of protection against colds, flu, viral and bacterial infections. But now testimonials are also coming in from people with health conditions like hepatitis, allergies, asthma, cancer, shingles, autoimmune diseases and more. Below are just a few of the incredible stories!
Hepatitis C .... liver enzymes dropped from 800 to 34! “In 1972 my husband had a terrible car accident and required blood transfusions three different times.  As you know, in the 70's the blood supply was not screened for Hepatitis C.  As a result, my husband contracted Hepatitis C.  His liver enzymes were up to 800.  Normal is between 9-40.  The doctors wanted to put him in the hospital.  He told them he wanted to try to bring them down himself.  He stopped drinking totally and taking over the counter pain medications (since both are very hard on the liver). I began giving him Shaklee's DTX Liver Protection product, which contains Milk Thistle and several other herbs.  His liver enzymes went down to 200.  After that we could not get his liver enzymes any lower.  At this time we were facing my husband going for a liver biopsy to determine the extent of the damage and they wanted to get him on interferon treatments, which I have been told make you feel extremely ill (as if you have the flu all the time.)  Then I learned about Shaklee's NutriFeron, and how it boosts the body's natural interferon, so I began giving him 2 per day along with 2 Shaklee Liver DTX per day.  At his last appointment the doctor told him that he does not need to go back to the gastroenterologist anymore because his liver enzymes are 34 - perfectly normal.  Makes me want to cry, and my husband is absolutely ecstatic.  THANK YOU SHAKLEE!”  Sandy
I used to have SOOOO many Colds!  “Previous to knowing about Shaklee, I had been on a lot of antibiotics, had my tonsils removed and stopped drinking milk.   The later two did help, but I was still getting 3 to 5 colds a season and couldn’t remember the last time I wasn’t sick at Christmas time.  Winter/Spring was exceptionally bad for me.  I spent most of January to June with a cold.  After starting NutriFeron, I can’t believe how my health has improved. I was not ill the entire year.  I have 2 young children so when they would catch a cold, I might feel a scratchy throat, but it never developed into anything.  And then ?.. I had my first cold in the fall of 2004.  We were moving to a new community, and with the stress of moving I was out of routine and forgot to take my NutriFeron.  The amazing thing is that once I felt the cold start, I went back on NutriFeron and the cold lasted only 3 to 4 days!!!  I LOVE NutriFeron!”  Vicki C.
NutriFeron and Son with Asthma!  “My son started taking NutriFeron around the middle of the winter in 2004.  He usually had terrible allergies in the spring, which would trigger his asthma.  This had happened for the last 7 or so years.  I had him on many Shaklee products, but didn’t think to put him on the NutriFeron until I had read an email about it really helping kids with asthma. Well, spring came and he did not have to use any of his preventive medicine for the allergy season.  When I went to the doctor for a physical for another child, my doctor asked me how Christopher was doing with his asthma.  I said he was doing great.  The doctor replied, ‘That preventive medicine really helps during this season.’  I said, ‘He’s not on any of the preventive medicine you have given him, but I do have him on an immune system builder through Shaklee.’  He looked surprised.  We continue to see great results with his asthma ever since he has been on the NutriFeron.  What a GREAT product!”  Tammy J.
Small Child with Asthma ? Great Results:  Patty P. reports the following:  “A grandmother told me about her grandson who was sick all the time.  He has cold induced asthma where they would put him on steroids and meds.  The first year on the NutriFeron he did not get sick once.  Since the,n only twice and the last time was this summer, when his Mom wanted to see if he really needed to be taking the NutriFeron year round.  She stopped giving him the NutriFeron and he got a cold that turned into a bad case of asthma.  They had to use the steroids and a steam system to help him breathe.  He is too young to use an inhaler.  They have found the NutriFeron keeps him healthy and off the medications.  What a blessing to this family and a sure sign that children will benefit from using this product.”
AIDS Virus No Longer Detectable in Blood - Incredible!  “I am a mentor to a young man of 20 years with AIDS.  I suggested that in addition to his regular treatment, he try some Shaklee products, mainly, Shaklee Basics, Soy Protein and NutriFeron.  When he started the program, his T-Cell count was very low and the viral load very high.  I cannot remember the specific numbers, but his T-Cell count was around 200 and the viral load was in the high thousands.  Well, he went back to his Doctor for his regular blood work less than 30 days later after starting his Shaklee program, and to his doctor’s surprise and his own surprise ? his T-Cell count jumped way up to around 498+ and the virus was no longer detected in his blood.  He was so excited when he called me on my cell phone and said his doctor was stunned and counted on his fingers the number of days since he last saw him.  His doctor also turned pale and said he NEVER saw anything like this before.  One of the nurses smiled at him and told him ? ‘keep doing whatever it is you are doing because it’s working’.  I thought this testimony might help folks realize the POWER of this GREAT Shaklee product – NUTRIFERON.”  Richard C.
NutriFeron & Shingles:  “This past week I had to go to the doctor with a rash on my back.  I did not think much of it, but it started itching and hurting.  It was the start of shingles.  Right away the doctor told me that he would prescribe some steroids for it.  I informed him that in no way was I going to take them. He said there was no other way to get rid of shingles and that I would be back in to see him in a couple of days if I did not take them.  I went home and started reading my nutrition books on shingles.  My friend gave me a bottle of Shaklee NutriFeron, so I doubled the dose, and also doubled the daily maintenance recommendation for several Shaklee supplements including:  B Complex, Vitamin E, Advanced Beta Carotene (i.e. Carotomax), Vita Lea, and Soy Protein.  By Saturday the rash was gone and the itching and hurting was also gone.”  Betty
Lymph Node Problems Disappeared:  “I’ve been on NutriFeron for some time now.  About two months ago, I had a breast MRI and the doctor found a lymph node he wanted to further check into, so he ordered an ultrasound.  I told my Shaklee distributor and she recommended that I double my NutriFeron to 4 per day, which I did for about 10 days.  I went in for the ultra-sound and the technician kept going over and over the area.  She said there was a lymph node indicted by the doctor on the MRI, but she couldn’t find any abnormalities.  She continued to look for about a total of 30 minutes ? but no challenged lymph nodes were apparent.  She confirmed her finding, or lack thereof, with the radiologist, who also saw nothing.  They advised me to be sure to have a follow-up MRI in six months, but agreed there was nothing there at this time.  Thanks to God, my Shaklee Distributor, and NutriFeron in that order!  I’d be lost without them.”  Pam B.
Another Pneumonia Testimony:  “My husband, Don was admitted to the hospital 3 times with pneumonia in 1951.  After that he took penicillin at least five times a year for respiratory problems until 1971.  A Shaklee distributor started him on Shaklee supplements.  After that Don was able to keep his respiratory problems under control without drugs, and when he felt his throat getting scratchy he used lots of Shaklee Vitamin C plus other supplements including Shaklee Defend & Resist (a premium echinacea formula).  Since we added NutriFeron to his vitamin program, he has not had a hint of a problem ? first time in over 50 years.”  Gloria W.
To order Nutriferon online go to:
Note: Shaklee members can save an additional 10% on NutriFeron by making it part of an Auto Ship order. With Auto Ship, your order is shipped automatically to you. You set the frequency of your order and have the flexibility to change it when you wish. This is a complimentary service of your Shaklee membership.

Health News: Oily Fish Make Babies “Brainier”

Eating oily fish and seeds in pregnancy can boost children's future brain power and social skills, research suggests.
A study of 9,000 mothers and children in Avon, England suggested those who consumed less of the essential fatty acid Omega-3 had children with lower IQs. These children also had poorer motor skills and hand-to-eye co-ordination, research in the Economist said.
'Frightening data'
Looking at the effects of Omega-3 intake on 9,000 mothers and their children, the team found mothers with the lowest intake of the essential fatty acid had children with a verbal IQ six points lower than the average.
While those with the highest consumption of mackerel and sardines and other sources of Omega-3 had children, at age three-and-a-half, with the best measures of fine-motor performance, researchers said.
Low intake of the crucial fatty acid also appeared to lead to more problems of social interactions - such as an inability to make friends. Research leader, Dr Joseph Hibbeln, said "frightening data" showed 14% of 17-year-olds whose mother had eaten small quantities of Omega -3 during pregnancy demonstrated this sort of behavior. This compared with 8% of those born to the group with the highest intake, he said.
Dr Hibbeln said, "The findings of poor social development and poor motor control in children indicate that these children may be on a developmental trajectory towards lifelong disruptive and poorly-socialized behavior as they grow up."
Professor Jean Golding of Bristol University set up the original research, the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, 15 years ago to look at predisposition to disease. She told the BBC: "The baby's brain needs Omega-3 fatty acids. It doesn't create its own fatty acids so it needs to be something that the mother will eat."
The new research also builds on earlier work in the US, which suggests pregnant mothers will develop children with better language and communication skills if they regularly consume oily fish.
Nutritional expert Patrick Holford, director of the Brain Bio Centre, said Omega-3 was key to children's intelligence because the brain is formed of 60% fat - 30% of which are essential fats. Successive studies have shown clear links between intelligence and consumption of this essential fatty acid, he added.
It's absolutely essential that pregnant women take in enough Omega-3 and children in early infancy take in enough Omega-3 - Patrick Holford, Nutritional expert
Ed. Note: We’ve known for quite awhile about Omega-3’s positive effect on hearth health, but more and more now we’re learning about how beneficial it is for moods and depression, autoimmune diseases and now brain development. Shaklee’s new OmegaGuard is the world’s finest fish oil supplement. It’s triple molecular distillation and purification process is unique to Shaklee. This results in an ultra-pure pharmaceutical-grade supplement. Plus, OmegaGuard provides a full spectrum of seven natural omega-3 fatty acids. For more information on Shaklee OmegaGuard or to order it online go to:
Article excerpt from BBC News. For the complete story go to: [ ]

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Milk. It Does a Body . . .

"The Human Body has no more need for cow's milk than it does for dog's milk, horse's milk, or giraffe's milk."

-Michael Klaper, MD

I had an interesting exchange with Shawn, our choir teacher the other day. He’s an outstanding teacher, and I love watching him perform. If you’ve ever seen a really good high school choir director, you know what I mean. Fantastic.

Anyway, he’s been missing school a lot lately because of a sick child. This directly affects me because he supervises a study hall in my room—during my prep time. He runs a pretty tight ship, so normally it’s not a problem. But when he’s gone he has a substitute.

Remember when you were in middle school and there was a substitute? Remember study hall? It’s not pretty.

Shawn’s son, who is two years old, has been struggling with ear infections, so they’re thinking about putting tubes in his ears. He asked me if I knew anything about it.

I’ve have had tubes in twice. Now, whenever a dr. takes a peek, he or she always comments on the scarring. But I’m fairly certain it’s from the infections, not the tubes.

Still, surgery is surgery. I wouldn’t want to put my 2 year old through it. So I ask if he might be interested in some nutritional alternatives to try first.

“Sure,” he says. “My wife and I are really big into ‘alternative’ things. We’ve tried the chiropractor and all kinds of stuff.”

“Great,” I say. “Lisa has a bunch of information, I’ll ask her what she’s got on ear infections.”

Then I remembered a conversation we had over lunch about two months ago. It started when Craig, a science teacher here (another outstanding teacher) shared a discovery he’d made about giving milk formula to their child. I believe they had just recently made a switch from breast milk to formula, or from one formula to another—I’m not certain.

Craig’s daughter had been fussy and not sleeping. They tried a new formula, something without cow milk, and the results were so immediate that he had to tell us about it.

I mentioned that cow milk has been linked to many health problems.

Shawn was skeptical. Very.

So, remembering that conversation,

I shot Shawn this email:

Hi Shawn,

I just remembered, the first thing Lisa is going to ask me when I bring up "ear infections." Is "does the child drink cow milk?"

You might not believe it (or want to consider it), but there is
quite a bit of documentation
on the ill effects of cow milk in the diet. Check it out. Ask your Drs about it. Do your own research.

I'll be in touch again after I talk to Lisa.

This was his reply:

Seth LOVES milk as do I. I myself haven't had any problems with ear infections, and this seems to be recent. He drinks 1% milk for every meal. But other than that we have limited his milk intake as per our doctor.

Growing up on a farm and milking cows for 20 years, it will take a lot of convincing to change my mind about milk and any links to bad health. Haven't you seen the commercial... Milk- it does a body good.? :)

Thanks for checking into this for me though. I appreciate it.

This was my reply:


For what it's worth--take it or leave it.

For the record, I'm not into "convincing" anybody of anything. Do I have certain beliefs and biases? Certainly. Do you you? Of course. Everybody does. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what is best for you and your family. Lisa (and me by default, I've learned a lot as a result of our cohabitation) just enjoys getting people information that they can use to help themselves.

My bias--I believe strongly in the ability of the body to heal itself (if you give it the raw materials it needs, and put it in the right environment).

My experience--I saw my uncle (Jay Wondra), who was (very sick) suffering from colitis and about to have a large section of his intestines surgically removed, make strategic changes to his diet as a last resort. Within a week, he noticed small improvements (less bleeding). Encouraged, he continued and within 6 months was healed. No more colitis. That was enough for me.

Take it easy.

Chris Wondra

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What Health Care Professionals Are Saying About Shaklee

Christopher Scott, M.D., Saskatoon:
"Supplements are absolutely crucial due to the quality of our soil and food today.
There are a lot of different supplements available on the market, but labels do not accurately reflect contents. For the past ten years I have been using Shaklee supplements for personal use, as well as confidently reccommending them to my patients."

Linda Rodriquez, M.D., Pediatrician:
"For over 19 years Shaklee has been a blessing for me, my family, and my patients who have all benefited from scientifically proven products for quality health and healthy living. Our food today is so deficient in nutritients because of what we have done to it, it is no longer the same food that Mother Nature offered to us. For my fellow doctors, who are looking into incorportating nutrition in their practice, I encourage you to consider using Shaklee's quality health products that you can trust and recommend with full confidence."

Kathy Wickens, Chiropractor, Perth, ON:
"Patients get results with Shaklee!" There is a definite difference in the holding patterns for chiropractic adjustments for patients taking Shaklee supplements."

Charlene Day, Registered Nutritional Consultant, Toronto, ON:
"I have been in practice for over 26 years and have used many brands of supplements, including Professional brands. About 7 years ago, I was given information about the Shaklee Corporation. I was impressed when I read that over 100 research studies and articles about Shaklee products were published in prestigious nutritional and medical journals. Wanting the best for my clients, I started recommending Shaklee supplements. I was amazed at the results. My clients experienced a level of wellness far exceeding anything I had experienced in the previous 19 years.

Neil Pagett, M.D., Internal Medicine:
"Supplements make sense. You have to have good double-blind, peer-reviewed clinical studies in order to evaluate them. As a medical professional, that's the only thing I will listen to. Except for Shaklee, I am not aware of any company that does on-going, in depth studies. Shaklee is the only company I can professionally recommend.

Rick Medora, Chiropractor, Kingston, ON:
"The most trusted name in clinical science is Shaklee."

Harry Shurley, Pharmacist:
Why do I take Shaklee vitamins? From a pharmacist's view you have to look at the clinical research that supports Shaklee. Mrs. Lindley and I are writing a book on prenatal nutrition--not quite complete--and we requested clinical studies from the makers of prenatal vitamins and NO major company (except Shaklee) could provide us with any.

Also, as you know, the Shaklee vitamins are natural as apposed to the synthetic prenatal vitamins available at the stores. The makers of those prenatal vitamins stress the amount of folilc acid in them, which is 1mg. Because they have 1mg of folic acid they have to be on prescription because folic acid can mask pernicious anemia, but if you look at the prenatal vitamins they have very few of the other vitamins and most leave out biotin completely.

It is funny that you ask me this question becuase a few weeks ago I had a nurse call in for some prenatal vitamins. I asked her what was the best prenatal vitamin and she said, "I don't know." So I asked her how did they determine what brand of vitamin to give the parients and she said, "Whateve they can tolerate."

There are so many reasons why I take Shakilee over the vitamins I could get from pharmaceutical companies that I don't have time to explain all, but the main reason is because Shaklee vitamins produce results!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Physique Heals Back Injury--Overnight!

Of all the products Shaklee has developed over the years, we think Physique is one of the most amazing. Typically marketed to athletes and muscle builders, this is what Shaklee has to say about its one of a kind “Workout Maximizer”:

Shaklee Physique uses our exclusive Bio-Blend to deliver the ultimate protein-to-carb ratio for maximum muscle recovery and growth. Independent clinical research has proven that Physique delivers more energy to the muscle than either carbohydrates or protein alone.”

Lisa and I use it whenever we overdo it either exercising or working in the yard to prevent soreness. But this next story (while making sense from a “muscle recovery” standpoint) tops them all. We got this letter way back in July from Liza Luczak, a mom and Shaklee member from Cornell, WI. She writes:

"I have no idea what happened, but my back went out yesterday morning. I hadn’t done anything to it, but it was extremely painful.

I went to the chiropractor and got an adjustment and he said the muscle was injured (torn). It was likely a gradual injury (long car trip over the weekend, extensive weeding in the garden the day before). He assured me that even though he adjusted me, I would still be sore in the morning.

I went home, and was in so much pain. Even though I hate almost all powdery supplement products, I decided to hold my nose and down some Physique. I mixed it in ice cream and milk (Rise and Shine interjects: We love the banana taste of Physique and mix it happily in juice or water. Yum!).

Then I used some Joint and Muscle Pain Cream. It did not take away the pain, put it did feel a little comforting. I tossed and turned as I struggled to sleep, dreading waking up and being stiff and in more pain.

To my surprise, when I woke up in the morning, I had full range of motion and no pain. I am almost CERTAIN it was the Physique! I had heard such testimonials from others, but it was the first time I experienced it myself! Truly Amazing!”

Do MAHMA's Have the Secret to Balancing Work and Family?

Jude Peskuski was shocked to learn that the average Texas woman makes less than $400 a week. She also knew that if that woman happened to be a mom, much of it went to pay for child care. So, less than a year ago, Peskuski, being a successful work-from-home-parent herself, founded Project MAHMA (Moms At Home Making A difference and lot of money). Her dream for MAHMA is to help more parents stay at home by teaching them how to create a home-based business that generates significant and reliable streams of income.

It worked. Project MAHMA has since grown into a nationwide network of women driven to help moms earn enough money to stay at home with their children.

Just who are these women? There is a wide variety. Some are (or were) successful bread winners in corporate America, looking for a way out. Some are (or were) single parents struggling to make ends meet. Some realized that spending 40 to 50 hours a week away from their families was not working for them. Some simply hated leaving their kids at day care each morning.

Who’s Doing It, And Why Did They Choose Shaklee?
  • Product Experience—These women use the products themselves (or give them to their children) and have experienced some real health benefits.
  • A Reason—Most MAHMAs struggled either for family-time or money—or both.
  • A Responsibility to Share--They understood that the benefits they experienced using Shaklee products would be experienced by others—if only they shared their stories. Knowing how Shaklee made their lives better meant keeping it a secret felt wrong.
  • Quality--They realized that network marketing can only be successful if the products truly give customers results. Each Shaklee product carries a money back guarantee of satisfaction.
  • Trust--They learned that Shaklee, the number one nutritional company in America, has a 50 year track record of developing and manufacturing products that work. Their research found again and again examples of Shaklee putting principle before profit.
  • Less Risk—They didn’t have to quit their jobs or “invest” lots of money to start. Many also realized that layoffs, downsizing, relocation, and corporate restructuring makes “traditional” work more risky than ever.
  • Time-- They are building their businesses at their own pace. They are accountable only to themselves.
  • Everybody’s Doing It!—They learned that more than one out of every eight U.S. households contains a home-based business.
  • Simplicity—With the 100% money back guarantee, and their own faith and experience with the products, they found it easy to explain to others why Shaklee is a better choice and how changing brands to can save people money.

Peskuski's Creed

Leading a nationwide coalition is exciting; still, Peskuski takes support for moms very seriously. “In our organization, when a mom puts her trust in us, with the quality of life for her family at stake, we hold that our integrity is also at stake. Project MAHMA has those roots.”

If you would like to learn more about Project MAHMA, you can listen in on MAHMA weekly conference calls every Saturday at 10 AM CST by dialing 1-212-990-8000 pin 6262#. You can also listen to archived calls at, or download MAHMA info at—just look for the file titled “Project MAHMA.” Or, if you prefer talking with a real person, you can always just call Lisa here anytime at 1-866-222-9359 (toll free) or 1-715-483-9699.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Another Person Touched by Shaklee

This testimonial was taken (word for word) from an extremly interesting thread of discussion on another web log. You can find and read the entire thing by pasting this URL address into your browser:


I was just reading the thread concerning Shaklee's Nutriferon product and just wanted to add my 2 cents worth if that's ok? I AM a Shaklee Distributor by the way, in Canada, so, call me biased if you will, but, I originally joined only as a member as I was formally trained as an RN back in the early 70s and so was very skeptical, to say the least.

I'd been sickly for most of my life (I'm 51 now) and mainstream medicine had never been able to help me and in fact, had only served to make me sicker with each passing year, hence my foray into the alternative health field. I joined Shaklee as a member back in 1997 and the rest is history.

Their products SO changed my health for the better that it wasn't long before I became a believer and folks began wanting to know what I was doing that was making me radiate with better health and so I began to sell the products too. No one HAS to sell and I've never, EVER been pressured to sell or even to sell more once I began selling, else I'd of been out of there a long time ago as I absolutely HATE pressure sales!!!!!

I've been faithfully taking the afore-mentioned Nutriferon product ever since it first came out under its former name (Immune Building Complex) and have not had a single cold, flu nor sinus infection ever since. That's remarkable for someone like me who ALWAYS used to get sick if someone even sneezed one block over!

Another thing that sold me on Shaklee was their integrity. A few years back, the company discovered a batch of their raw organic ginseng had become contaminated from wind blown pesticides from non-organic farms in the vicinity. They made the corporate decision, WITHOUT being told to do so by anyone else, to recall ALL their ginseng product already out there "just in case", as well as to cease further production until the problem could be righted.

I don't recall how many years it was off the market and they lost BILLIONS to do this but it was important for them to MAINTAIN THEIR INTEGRITY. Do you know of any other company who would voluntarily LOSE that much money just so as to do the right thing?

By the way, I can't tell you the number of folks who've told me that if it'd been them, they'd have continued to make and sell the product because the public would never have sad, but very true. Shaklee did not do this because despite the public never knowing, WE WOULD and doing what's right as opposed to simply making as much money as possible, is what is REALLY important to them!

There are other integrity examples I know of regarding this soon-to-be 50 year old corporation but I think my point is made. Pyramid schemes are only about ripping people off and Shaklee is definitely NOT a pyramid scheme, else they wouldn't have given a fig if a contaminated product went out to an unsuspecting public.

Mare Moore, proud to be a part of Shaklee

Comment by Mare Moore — 12/16/2005

NutriFeron Tackles AutoImmune Thyroid Disorder

This testimonial was taken (word for word) from an extremly interesting thread of discussion on another web log. You can find and read the entire thing by pasting this URL address into your browser:

Wow! Several things to address here. I'm fascinated by the thoughts and theories and that go into the process. I have recently started taking Nutriferon to help with an AutoImmune Thyroid Disorder.

I've been miserable for 3 years, with thyroid levels considered "normal". After 1 week, I visited with a new Dr., and my Thyroid levels are lower than they've been since before diagnosis. I'm anxious at this point to take an Antibodies Blood test. The new Dr. gave me his blessing, said Shaklee has some excellent products, keep taking it, and we'll test at my next checkup. I guess the bottom line is, it can't hurt. And traditional medicine does not offer all cures. For me, it has been a blessing so far. Normally after 3 or 4 days of a "new help" I crash, and feel more miserable than before. Not this time.

As to MLM, the Direct Selling Association has strict guidelines and definitions on their website. As a business owner new to the Multi-Level and Direct Selling arena, I firmly believe in giving the everyday person the chance to profit, instead of yet another brick and mortar store out for themselves. Normally at horribly high markups from wholesale.

Just my 2 cents! Glad to meet you all!

Jackie Payne--Not a Shaklee Distributor!

Comment by Jackie Payne — 11/20/2005

NutriFeron Knocks out Sinus Infection

This testimonial was taken (word for word) from an extremly interesting thread of discussion on another web log. You can find and read the entire thing by pasting this URL address into your browser:

"Shaklee does need to study Nutriferon further. More scientific research is always a good thing. And nobody should be pushing it as an ironclad cure or protection for anything.
But I am convinced it does something, and I'm normally very skeptical of herb claims and "herb people" (no offense).

Why the belief in this one? I've had a life long battle with sinus infections. 3 years ago I moved to a more humid area and that battle turned into a losing one. Infections every 3-6 weeks, many severe, all requiring antibiotics. I was told repeatedly to see a specialist and schedule sinus surgery, or move again. But that would have been the first surgery in my life, a hard thing to do. And moving was not an option. Last March, in a last ditch effort, I went on Immunity Boost (the old name for Nutriferon).

In 8 months, not one single sinus infection. Not one cold. One minor flu incident. Reduced (though not eliminated) allergies. This is a major improvement, for me, in three areas. (I don't usually get the flu any way, it's the other areas where I struggle.)

Twice in that time period I've had extended close contact with family with bad colds. Each time I thought "Yep, when I get home it will start, probably lead to the next sinus infection." Never happened, which is shocking to me.

Placebo effect??? I find that hard to believe (no pun intended). And nothing else has really changed in my life that would account for this. I'm very interested to see what happens through the rest of the fall/winter season. If I can make it to next March without a sinus infection, I might start selling the stuff myself.

I can see why someone would be skeptical. Shaklee needs more, larger studies. But I bet those studies will bear out some positive effects.

(BTW, I'm not a distributor. I've been a member for their vitamin packs, avoid most of their herbs, but have never signed anyone else up. Just giving full disclosure.)

Comment by Daniel Taylor

A Great Debate

I was surfing the internet the other day and I found a really great discussion on another web log. I tried to put a link to it on this page but for some reason it won't work. So, if you are interested in reading it, you'll have to copy and paste this URL address into your browser:

It's kind of a hassle, I know, but well worth it if this kind of thing interests you.

Apparently the whole thread started in response to an article the owner of the web log posted about the Bird Flu. By the sounds of it, following the original post about the virus, a Shaklee distributor posted a comment stating something to the effect that Nutriferon, by boosting natural production of interferon, could help (to some extent) the body's natural immune system defeat this particular strain of virus--without the use of drugs. The discussion was one of the best I’ve seen lately for a number of reasons.

It Was Respectful

A lot of times, especially on the Internet, people get worked up when discussing things like nutritional supplements or multilevel marketing. For some reason there seems to be a lot of emotion tied up into these types of discussions. This was (for the most part) a discussion that really dug to get to the truth.

It exposed a couple of real challenges that Shaklee still has in communicating its business model
Despite decades of “Golden Rule” activity from Shaklee itself, negative connotations attached to “Multilevel Marketing” and "direct selling" still exist.

It was filled with skepticism
In fact, if it weren't for the doubts posted by the creator of the blog, it wouldn't have been worth the read. The skeptisism provided the catalyst for the discussion which in the end produced several anecdotes and facts (as well as opinions and paradigms) about the quality and effectiveness of Nutriferon, and the integrity of the Shaklee corperation.

It provided a few outstanding testimonials for Nutriferon.
And not all of them were shared by Shaklee distributors. The writers had absolutely nothing to gain personally by posting their story. Even the distributers could not gain from the posts since there was no way to contact them. Nutriferon helped one person overcome chronic sinus infections, and another beat a thyroid related autoimmune disorder.

And that made me think. There were quite a few people reading that web log that were ready to stand up and go to bat for Shaklee. A number of them didn't even sell the products. This was a web log that didn't typically deal with issues like nutrition or even wellness. It wasn't that type of blog.

But when a wellness (or sickness) issue did come up, these people seemed to come out of the woodwork to not only defend Shaklee, but even promote them as THE number one nutritional suppliment producer when it comes to effectiveness and integrity. Which by the way made them the number one MLM or direct selling company as well.

And think of this. What is the percentage of people who actually respond to articles they read in web logs? I have to bet it is pretty small. How many more people are out there that have been touched in some way by this amazing company?

Many of us tend to think of Shaklee members as this little niche (almost cult) of wellness freaks. But I think if you look around, you'll start to see the explosion of interest in an alternative to the "sick business." The drug commercials on T.V. The rising health care costs. The aches and pains that are assumed to be caused by "aging."

People aren't buying it any more. A whole new world of health is opening up right before our eyes. People are being enlightened. Those in the know appreciate Shaklee for what it has done for 50 years. And they recognize and trust and are excited about what that means for them and their health as they live the rest of their lives.

It’s really a great discussion. But be warned--the thread is quite long. So be sure you set aside some time.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Want a Fish? Go to Wal-Mart

Less than a year ago Wal-Mart super-sized their store here in St. Croix Falls, so now we have one of those huge super-centers with “everything”. But every time I go there I feel like I’m in another part of the country. I don’t know where anything is and I don’t know anybody I see. It’s almost Twilight Zonish.

Shortly after it opened, Lisa went to pick up some thread. I asked her what she thought.

“Icky,” she said. “It’s just too big.”

Wal-Mart is big. According to a recent article in Inc. magazine, if Wal-Mart was a country, it would be China’s 5th largest exporter. I know a lot of people with opinions about Walmart. To be honest with you I’ve never had much of an opinion either way. I never thought I new the whole story.

Which was why I was happy to stumble upon a PBS Frontline Special entitled, Is Wal-Mart Good For America? I’m guessing it was an hour-long program, but I was (unsuccessfully) getting Nora to bed, so I only saw the last half. It was interesting.

Regardless of what you think of Wal-Mart, you have to admire the efficiency of an organization that can grow so quickly. And that got me thinking about Shaklee’s organization. Sure their products and manufacturing processes work with nature. Sure they pour more money into research and quality than anyone else. And their stuff really works. And that’s all great. Really. But, honestly, it’s not why I’m passionate about Shaklee. It’s something else.

When Lisa and I were still new to the whole home improvement thing, we stopped in to Wal-Mart to pick up a drill bit extension and a one-inch bit for our drill. We got the bit, but upon asking about the extension we were told that there nothing like that we could actually buy. Most people just weld the bit onto a metal rod.

Well, luckily, before investing in arc welding tools, gas, and classes at my nearest technical college, I stopped in the hardware store downtown and talked to Mark. He just gave me the extension. He’s also answered countless questions for Lisa and me on topics ranging from paint to electrical wiring, water heaters to toilets.

Want to Learn to Fish? Come to Shaklee

And that, right there, is why I think Shaklee is so cool—I love to learn. Wal-Mart is fine if you know what you want before you walk into the store. But in an age of information where technology is rapidly improving (and complicating) choices, when you realize that you want the best for your health and only you can control that, Shaklee makes sense. Why? Because the organization is set up to actually HELP you figure out what you need in order to get the results that you want.

Just as much as it is built on quality, Shaklee is uniquely built to teach. It is a true information company. So when you know what you want--when you’re hungry and you want to eat for a day—you go to Wal-Mart.

But when you’re not so sure . . . but you’re ready to learn. When you want a relationship that you can turn to again and again. When you want effective, powerful knowledge—when you want to eat for a lifetime—you come to Shaklee.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

How We Lost 70% of Our Income—and Survived.

Now, before you read this, we want you to understand that this is not a Shaklee sales pitch. This is about any home based business. Lisa runs two businesses out of our home—a Shaklee business and a Sewing business. Despite losing over half our income, running those two businesses has taught us volumes.

Looking back, I guess we were yuppies--both college grads with high paying jobs. But after Emma, our first, was born, we decided to shift our focus from career to family. In other words, we quit the rat race. Lisa stayed home. I started over at the bottom of the public school pay scale. Now, I won’t lie to you. It was pretty scary. I’m not exaggerating when I say we lost 70% of our income.

Now You Know Why. Do You Want to Know How?

With Lisa home, we don’t pay for child care. According to the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan economic and social policy research organization, most “working” families with at least one child under age 5 pay an average of $325 per month for child care, or 10% of their total earnings. That is an average. Many pay more than that. For many families, the child care expense is the second largest in their budget, after rent or mortgage.

We don’t commute. This saves us countless hours and dollars on gas and car maintenance.

We itemize and deduct (very legitimately I might add) the following from our taxable income every year: home office expenses, business equipment, office supplies (paper, envelopes, printer cartridges), Shaklee products, postage, internet and telephone service, software and subscriptions, mileage and other auto expenses, travel, meals and entertainment, business gifts, tuition and seminar education expenses, child labor expenses, furniture, energy expenses, lawn and garden expenses, home maintenance expenses, and accounting services (to help us find and file for every deduction possible under the law).

In short, we pay very little (if any) in state or federal income tax. The trick is documentation and understanding the Internal Revenue Code Section 162(a): “There shall be allowed as a deduction, all the ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred during the taxable year in carrying on any trade or business.”

As business owners we have given ourselves an edge--an advantage that as regular “employees” we didn’t have. Now, by no means are we tax experts. We have simply become aware of the tax laws and deductions available to home business owners—and in doing so we have maximized our income.

Bottom Line . . .

Our home based businesses have given us the financial leverage to focus on our family in a way we never could have as traditional employees working two jobs . . . for someone else. And I have to tell you—the feeling of freedom is pretty cool.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is Your Mom an Ironman? This One Is.

By Greta Knoll

When I started running, I always felt terrible for a day or two afterwards. It was all I could do to go for a walk the day after a 5k race. I knew I needed something more when I decided to train for a marathon.

I heard about Physique and started using it. It was great. I recovered quickly and was able to train more. It wasn’t until I started training for Ironmans, (and listened to a Shaklee tape on sports nutrition) that I learned the importance of getting the right combination of carbohydrates and protein right after working out.

Since that time, I’ve completed three Ironman Triathlons, finishing first in my age group in one, and had twin boys—talk about needing to be in shape.

At 37, I’m in better shape than when I was 17 or 27. I never thought I could do these things. I recently spoke with a doctor at the university where we live and he reinforced the importance of sports nutrition and recovery after exercise. It’s not all easy, but Shaklee has made it possible to make the most of the opportunities I have.

The Basics, Performance, Carbo-Crunch, and especially Physique have made such a difference. Next event—a 62-mile bike ride followed by a sprint triathlon the next day—wouldn’t consider it without Physique.

Greta Knoll is an athlete, mom, and Shaklee member in Waco, Texas. You can contact her here.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

NutriFeron--Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima's Quantum Leap

“It has taken me some fifty years since my research began to come to this point. The combination of interferon stimulation which strengthens cells, and macrophage activation which plays a major role in the immune system yielded almost magical effects. There are no side effects, and I am confident that my four botanical compound extracts will play a major role in maintaining our health.”
--Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima

You can learn more about this groundbreaking new product here.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Cold and Flu 102--Prevention

If you follow the tips in “15 Simple Ways to Avoid a Cold or Flu Virus” you are at least a green or purple-belt in the art of germ-kwon-do. But to earn your black-belt you are going to have to dig deeper. To truly understand the secrets of viral warfare, you are going to have to strengthen your immune system.

One way to do that is to get a vaccination. This works by introducing “dead” viruses into your system so that if a “live” virus enters later, your body has already built up antibodies to fight it off. Still, the vaccine has its problems.

To decide which strains of influenza virus should be incorporated into the vaccine, FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biologicals Advisory Committee meets in late January each year to consider reports from national and international surveillance systems. A World Health Organization panel then meets in Geneva to make final recommendations for the next season’s flu vaccine. The challenge for scientists is two-fold: 1) choosing the right strains of flu, and 2) the fact that influenza viruses can change themselves, or mutate, thus rendering the vaccine ineffective.

In January 2000, a particularly strong strain of influenza struck North America. Of interest is the fact that a large percentage of the elderly that suffered did so despite having been vaccinated. One nursing home in Toronto reported 32 cases of the flu; 31 of those residents had gotten a flu shot.

A growing number of people are also concerned about some of the vaccine’s ingredients, such as formaldehyde, thimerosal (a derivative of mercury) and aluminum.

So what can you do? Shaklee can help. By supplementing with three revolutionary products (one, NutriFeron, a scientifically ground-breaking exclusive and patented formula) you benefit from the immune support nobody else has access to. Take the following three supplements to supercharge your immune system and create a virtual shield of protection around you.

Highest Daily Protection

Exclusive Formula Boosts Your Immune System Safely and Naturally

1. NutriFeron is truly a breakthrough in immune protection. It’s the only supplement created by the doctor that discovered natural interferon, a critical component of healthy immune function.

Dr Kojima, the world renowned immunologist who discovered interferon in 1954, spent more than 40 years searching for a natural interferon booster. The result of Dr. Kojima’s work is NutriFeron, the ONLY supplement in the marketplace that naturally increases the production of interferon in the body. The botanical blend for NutriFeron is proven by four published human clinical studies, and only Shaklee has the worldwide exclusive rights to this patented formula.

In published clinical studies, this potent-yet-safe phytonutrient blend provided immune support right at the cellular level. It’s the natural way to keep your immune system finely tuned and on ready alert. In essence, it takes the defenses you already have and makes them even better.

Far Beyond Nutrition--How NutriFeron Works
  • Increases the production of your body’s natural interferon
  • Prepares your immune system to better handle invaders
  • Strengthens your body’s natural immune response process
  • Preliminary studies suggest that NutriFeron
    -- Calls natural “killer cells” to action
    -- Balances your immune response against environmental irritants
    and airborne pollutants
    -- Unleashes the potential of your immune system in as little as
    three days

Baseline Protection

2. Immunity Formula I—In order to keep your immune system strong and in good working order Immunity Formula I provides the essential nutrients for healthy immune function. Starting with your biggest weapon—your skin—Immunity Formula I provides zinc, vitamins E and C, and beta carotene to maintain the health of this first defense. In addition, it protects on the inside with beta carotene, vitamins C, E, B6, B12, and folic acid, as well as mineral support from copper, selenium, and zinc. Full nutritional potency is guaranteed with ShakleeGuard, a patented blend of antioxidants and rosemary extract.
§ Contains a blend of six immunoactive vitamins—Vitamin A in the form of beta carotine, vitamins C, E, B6, B12 and folic acid
§ Mineral support for a strong immune system includes copper, selenium, and zinc
§ Zinc, vitamins E and C, and beta carotene also provide dietary support for healthy skin—your first line of defense

Emergency Protection

3. Defend and Resist Complex—In times of stress, help your body respond to periodic or seasonal attacks by giving your immune system what it needs to stay strong, with a unique formula based on standardized extracts of herbs. To supercharge the immune system when you feel that first tickle, take six tablets throughout the day for seven days.

  • Echinacea purpurea to stimulate the body’s natural resistance
  • Black elderberry to help maintain healthy immune response
  • Larch tree to enhance immune support
  • Swallow, chew, or crush in hot water for a soothing tea

    This season reach your highest immune potential. Be proactive. Let Shaklee help you beat the hundreds of cold and flu virus looking for weakened immune systems to overrun. Stock up and use:
    NutriFeron -- #20241
    Immunity Formula I -- #20241
    Defend & Resist -- #20613

    The fight against today’s germs is a hard one. Now you’ve seen the enemy. Shaklee gives you the weapons you need. It is time to be aggressive. Join the battle, and enjoy this cold and flu season with renewed energy.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

15 Simple Ways to Avoid a Cold or Flu Virus

  1. Wash your hands frequently
  2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  3. Avoid close contact
  4. Wipe counter tops in kitchen and bathroom with Basic G
  5. Change bed linens frequently
  6. Frequently replace your toothbrush
  7. Avoid Sugar
  8. Get enough rest
  9. Exercise
  10. Avoid alcohol
  11. Eat right
  12. Stay well hydrated
  13. Use a humidifier
  14. Don’t let your nose dry out.
  15. Supplement with Shaklee Basics and Protein

Saturday, December 03, 2005

By The Numbers

$40 billion
Cost of the common cold on the U.S. Economy

$20 billion
Amount in cold-related work lost each year.

189 Million
Days of school missed per year because of colds

41 Million
Number of antibiotic prescriptions written for cold sufferers per year (despite having no effect on the cold virus)

$1.1 Billion
The cost of useless antibiotic prescriptions per year.

$2.9 Billion
Amount Americans spend per year on over-the-counter drugs.

$400 Million
Amount spent on prescriptions drugs for relief of cold symptoms.

Percentage of people polled who reported having a cold in the past year.

Number of colds the average respondent reported having in the past year.

Percentage of Americans that come down with the flu each flu season

Number of people hospitalized each year with the flu

Number of people who die from the flu and its complications every year.

The year the Spanish flu, the worst flu pandemic in history, killed 20 million people worldwide—500,000 in the U.S. alone.

Number of hours the flu virus can linger in the air.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Cold and Flu 101—A Crash Course

“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”--Socrates

Pop Quiz: Cold or Flu?
Your symptoms: congestion, labored breathing, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, watery eyes
  • Your symptoms: quick onset of body aches, high fever, chills, extreme fatigue, raw throat, a racking persistent cough.
  • If your answer to number one was “the cold” and two was “the flu,” you were right. But did you also know that there are more than 200 different viruses known to cause the 500 million colds in the U.S. each year? It’s true. Each case costs an average of $80. The most common virus, causing 35% of all colds, is called the rhinovirus (from the Greek rhin, meaning “nose”).
    The flu, on the other hand, is an acute, contagious, respiratory tract infection caused by one of the influenza viruses, and does not have anything to do with an upset stomach—that’s something different.

    A virus (no matter what kind) is basically a microscopic parasite. They lack the cellular machinery for self-reproduction and so can replicate only by invading and controlling other cells. What makes you feel “sick” is not the invading or replicating, but your body’s immune response to the foreign invaders after they have been detected.

    Are They. . . gulp. . . “Catchy?”

    Yes. Very. Here’s how:

    You get a cold or flu when virus laden droplets, that have been sneezed or coughed, find their way into your body. How do they get in? Breathing droplets suspended in the air, or rubbing your eyes or nose with contaminated fingers. Touching objects the viruses may be clinging to such as food, door knobs, glasses, light switches, and Kleenex can transfer them to your hands and fingers. Bottom line—the cold and flu virus enters the body through mucus membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth.

    Conditions are ripe for viruses to spread in close quarters, which explains why the highest incidence of the flu is in 5 to 14 year olds, who spend much of their time in school. They also get the most colds—six to eight a year. Why? Children typically have less mature immune systems and aren’t as capable of fighting off these viruses as adults, who average two to four colds a year.

    The cold and flu “season” typically lasts from November to March. According to researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the “season” exists because people spend more time indoors spreading the viruses. Another key factor is that viruses thrive in low humidity. Less humid air also dries out the nasal lining, an important first defense and pathway a virus can then more easily penetrate.

    Ever wonder why health care costs are out of control? Here is just one contributing example: According to a recent survey of families with at least one young child in out-of-home childcare, nearly all of the families knew that viruses caused colds. However, more than half thought antibiotics are needed to treat them. Also, close to two-thirds of the respondents said they’d take their child to a doctor for a cold, and close to one-quarter said they’d take their child to the emergency room, despite the fact that common colds will get better without a doctor’s visit.
    So what can you do? Well, that’s a topic for a whole other crash course—Cold and Flu 102.

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    WARNING: Do Not Read This Unless You Are Already a Low Down, No-Holds-Barred, Ornery, Rascal… Who Won't Fight Fair During Cold and Flu Season

    Dear Friends,
    You know the type. They say things like, “Well, it’s that time of year,” or “Yep, I heard it’s been going around,” or “The only thing you can do for a virus is wait it out.”
    Wait it out!!?? Wait it out?!?! Like you don’t have anything better to do than drag yourself around the house, sneezing and hacking for days or even weeks on end. Wait it out? Whatever.
    Your Kung Fu is Strong

    That’s why this month is jam packed with information you can use to beat the hundreds of cold and flu viruses floating in the air this year. Inside you’ll get to know the enemy like never before. Its history, its family, its strengths, weaknesses and all the plays in its play-book. You’ll get the tools and learn the secrets to smarter, stronger and faster germ stomping immunity.

    Thursday, June 30, 2005

    Finally, A Safer More Effective Answer for 50 Million Allergy Sufferers

    I’d never seen anything like it. A clear June sky, an occasional breeze, the slight ripple of water as Lisa and I cut silently through the water in our canoe. If you’ve ever been canoeing, you know what I’m talking about. Just you and the river.

    Then ahead of us, about thirty feet in the air, a patch of green mist hung above the river. Remember the T.V. show The X Files? That’s what it reminded me of. It was the strangest thing. Mysterious and kind of spooky. We saw that mist a couple of more times on the trip. But I didn’t think about it much until that night—when Lisa had a sever allergy attack. Until then, I’d never seen one of those either.

    I Thought The Night Would Never End

    We were trying to camp. It was a beautiful night—but you wouldn’t know it in our tent. She was completely incapacitated. Her eyes burned, she sneezed and coughed non-stop. Finally, after hours with no sleep or relief, she broke down and cried. It was terrible.

    When we got up to leave the next morning, our windshield was coated with a layer of fine green dust. But I still didn’t make the connection until later that day . . .tree pollen.

    That was before Shaklee and before we knew anything about how powerful a weapon nutrition can be. But since then, by trial and error (and research), we’ve learned a great deal. Talk to most doctors and they’ll tell you that allergies are one of those things that you really can’t cure --the best you can do is take drugs (good luck with the side effects—both known and unknown, short and long-term) or suffer through them.

    This Year She’s Allergy Free

    Now, I’m not going to lie to you. There is no silver bullet here. This didn’t happen overnight. It took years of trial and error to overcome this problem. But now, you can take what we learned to shorten your learning curve.

    But first, some facts I found on the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America website. I had no idea allergies were this big of a problem.

    • More Americans than ever are suffering from allergies—1 out of every5--about 50 million people. It has been increasing since the early 1980’s across all age, sex and racial groups.
    • Allergies are the most frequently reported chronic condition in children, limiting activities for more than 40% of them.
    • Each year, allergies account for more than 17 million outpatient office visits.
    • The annual cost of allergies is estimated to be nearly $7 billion.

    A Hypersensitive Immune System

    There is nowhere near enough room here for a quality explanation about how allergies work. But you can find a really good one here

    Lisa also has an excellent tape called Natural Solutions for Allergy Relief she would be happy to share with you if you want to learn even more. But basically, in a nutshell, what happens during an allergic reaction is the immune system misidentifies an otherwise harmless substance as harmful, and then attacks it with a ferocity far greater than required.

    Lisa’s Silver Bullet

    If you listen to the tape, or do your own research (which I highly recommend), you’ll find a wide range of nutritional and environmental answers—starting with avoiding nasty’s like household toxins, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol—maybe even dairy! And everybody is different. Lisa did all of those things. She also takes daily quantities of supplements like: Soy Protein, Vita Lea, Vita C, B-Complex, and Vita E (and more).

    But the one thing that she swears has helped her conquer her allergies, more than anything else, is Optiflora. If you or someone you know suffers from allergies, give Lisa a call. Don’t suffer needlessly when a few simple adjustments (without drugs!) can make such a huge difference.

    If we don’t answer the phone, we’re probably canoeing or camping—we’ve got some time to make up!

    How a Broken Garden Tiller Changed Our Shaklee Business

    From the first issue of Rise and Shine.
    June 2005

    Dear friend:

    You’ve received this newsletter for two reasons: 1) At some point, you did something very wise and became a Shaklee Member, and 2) I broke my neighbor’s tiller.

    Notice, I did not say, “My neighbor’s tiller broke while I was using it.” Which, I think (when you read between the lines), is closer to the truth. But a broken tiller is a broken tiller, and at the time I couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible. So I went to see Jay, my uncle, who in addition to being a Shaklee member, is also great at fixing things.

    But before he began welding, he asked me an interesting question, “Is Lisa still selling Amway?”

    “What?” I said. “Oh, you mean Shaklee.”

    “Yeah, that’s right. Shaklee.”

    Still, I was confused. Jay was not an apathetic member. Five years ago, Shaklee changed his life. For me, it was a tipping point. Until then (like many), I had heard the testimonials and seen some small changes in my own and other’s health, but Jay was different--he was in real trouble.

    Growing up, I remember Jay as a strong and hard working logger, who always had the energy to fight through another day in the woods. When he got sick, I hardly recognized him. Gaunt and pale, he walked gingerly. His clothes engulfed a weakened frame that had lost more than 50 lbs.
    I figured if Shaklee could help him, then (for me) there could no longer be any doubt about the effectiveness or integrity of this company
    and its products. He had been suffering a long time. The drugs were no longer working. The doctors at the Mayo Clinic said surgery was his only option. I love Jay, so I shared what I knew about Shaklee, and we found some information about his condition (through Shaklee).

    Long story short—instead of deferring to the doctors, Jay had the courage to take responsibility for his own health. He chose a strict nutritional program, and he stuck to it. Today, he’s fine. No surgery.

    The doctors (specialists) at the Mayo Clinic had to eat crow.

    But now he was asking me if Lisa was still doing Amway. I was a little befuddled.

    Then he said, “I haven’t seen the newsletters for quite awhile. So I didn’t know.”

    Jay’s a busy guy. How is he supposed to know? How are any of you supposed to know? I’ll tell you how. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO TELL YOU! So that’s what we’re doing with this letter. Our job.

    It is your right to know how to get the most from the membership you invested in. It is your right to know how to use Shaklee to strengthen what’s weak, heal what’s injured, and experience the life optimal health creates. As Shaklee Distributors, it’s our job to keep you informed about the benefits of your membership. They are many. I truly believe it is the greatest investment you have ever made. You were wise to make it. Now, at least once every month, we are going to show you why.